16 January, 2017

Comite Regional USEP Languedoc Roussillon

CRUSEP-LR. Comité régional de l’Union sportive de l’enseignement du premier degré Languedoc-Roussillon

USEP was created in 1939 and is authorized by the French Ministry of National Education and is recognized under French Law as the official sport federation of primary schools. CRUSEP-LR was created in 2004 in Carcassonne as the regional organisation of USEP.

CRUSEP-LR has the following goals:

– promoting physical activity and sport as a way of developing education and culture, as well as an instrument of integration and participation in society, preparing children to become adults, athletes and citizens;
– organizing training activities in liaison with departmental committees, as well as regional and national commissions of teachers and students;
– fostering relations with the administrations in charge of primary schools, with local authorities and with the world of sport in order to contribute to the success of its mission;
– developing privileged relations with the decentralized bodies of the Ministry of Education in order to implement the signed agreements;
– facilitating the functioning of all its affiliated associations and departmental committees.

Among others, the following activities are common to the entire USEP:

  1. Organizing curricular and extracurricular activities and sporting events in French public primary schools;
  2. Organizing programmes promoting sport in schools at local and regional levels in partnership with several French sports federations;
  3. Participating in national projects and events in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education;
  4. Organizing the Programme Sport and Disability, aimed at fostering the inclusion of disabled children;
  5. Organizing and developing the national programme promoting health in schools, together with several French ministries (Social Affairs, Youth and Sports, National Olympic Committee, etc.) The sports associations which are involved benefit from the material financed by USEP and different French sports federations;
  6. Organizing sport events for primary school and kindergarten pupils;
  7. Implementating a programme of Environmental Education and Sustainable Development which promotes the development of partnerships with organisations and associations that encourage sustainable development;
  8. Organizing several training modules for sport technicians and teachers.

The USEP Regional Committee Languedoc-Roussillon (CRUSEP-LR) organizes sport activities for more than 500 schools and organisations reaching more than 30,000 children aged from 3 to 12 years old. Furthermore, they carry out training activities for over 2,100 volunteers, technicians and teachers of their region