16 January, 2017

UISP Comitato Regionale Piemontese


The Italian Union of Sport for All (UISP), is a national association founded in 1948 and based in Rome which is composed of local organisations all over Italy. Recognising sport as a right of citizenship and as a resource for integration, UISP is committed to the promotion and dissemination of sport and aims to contribute to the development of social life, solidarity and culture. Furthermore, it supports the rights of citizens, awareness for the environment, and is committed to promote the educational function of sport.

UISP is active in supporting amateur sports according to national and international regulations in this field by managing all actions at regional level and promoting its values among its members. It aims at ¬†granting everyone the right to practice sport. Sport for all is an asset related to health, quality of life, education and social relations that deserves the acknowledgment and public responsibility. The mission of UISP is to prove that “a different type of sport is possible”. This does not only mean that cultural innovation should be developed, but that it should also be translated into technical, methodological and organisational experimentation. The UISP sports Leagues have reinforced these strategic options: sport for all has extended the offer of physical practice through specific research and experimentation for a better quality of life for all citizens. The main interested of sport for all is health and physical well-being, as it fosters outdoor exercising and generates positive experiences.

UISP, through its initiatives, has the objective to add value to all areas of sport, from competition to instrumental sport (sport for health, well-being, environment protection), from collective to individual practices out of structured sports circuits.

At present, UISP Piemonte has over 121.058 active members (50.717 younger members and 70.341 adult members), over 1350 affiliated sports clubs in 13 local committees, engaged in 26 sports disciplines. Around 20.000 additional people participate in activities but are not members.

Activities for children. UISP Piemonte has 50.717 young active members and 10.000 users from schools or recreational activities but not members. Its main activity is to promote social inclusion and equal access to sport. They take part in official European Community initiatives, with the support of national and regional governments as well as city councils.

Activities for adults. UISP promotes social inclusion and equal access to sport through grassroots sport and sports for all. It supports the mobility of volunteers, coaches, managers and staff of non-profit sports organisations.

Both chidren and adults activities deal with issues such as the integration of different peoples, the fight against doping, environmental challenges, life style and nutritional education.

Main sports: swimming, football, volleyball, basketball, dance, gymnastics, rollerskating, ice skating, tennis, cycling, karate, aikido, judo, athletics, riding, ski, chess, climbing, excursions, golf, rugby, sub, canoeing