16 January, 2017

Unió de Consells Esportius de Catalunya

UCEC is a non-profit sports association, created in 1994, that binds, coordinates and represents all sports councils in Catalonia (created in 1980 and 1981). It is present in four territorial groups (corresponding to the four Catalan provinces) which are organized in 45 sports councils, according to the Catalan territorial organisation (comarca – county).

UCEC has to look after the correct performance of the sports councils and to guarantee that sport and recreational activities practised at school age are carried out with standards which will benefit a healthy and integral formation for all citizens.

The Sports Councils

Sports councils are non-profit, private and legal entities of public and social interest. The 45 Sports Councils of Catalonia have as main objectives the development, organisation and promotion of physical activity at school age in their area.

Main characteristics of Sports Councils

  1. The maximum authority of representation and participation is the General Assembly formed by all municipal councils of the county, the County Council, all education centres, clubs, associations and sport federations of the area and all other entities related to sport.
  2. Sports Councils know the reality of their necessities, not only sporting needs but also social needs, of all the city and town centres of the territory; this allows them to offer proper sports activities to all the area, and to become the main engine for sport.
  3. All activities promoted by Sports Councils target young athletes and develop pedagogical standards with educational values and formation purposes implicit in sport (rule acceptance, sense of civic responsibility, teamwork, respect, tolerance and total understanding).
  4. The broad sporting selection that Sports Councils offer allows anyone to practise a sport in different aspects, competitively, recreationally or just for fun.

Activities of the Sports Councils

  1. Organisation of school age sport activities:
    • Catalan school sport games (JEEC). School age sport competitions of different types, announced by the Parliament of Catalonia.
    • Sports activities on school days together with physical education teachers.
    • Out-of-school sports activities at educational centres and/or entities.
    • Physical activities for disabled people.
    • Promotion and initiation sport plans for children.
    • Sports activities in nature.
    • Sports events and recreational parties and sports parties for children.
    • Sports tournaments, sports holidays and sports summer camps.
    • Winter sports holidays and skiing campaigns.
    • Fun and sporting activities during school breaks (summer, Christmas and Easter).
  2. Organisation of leisure sports activities (sport for all)
  • Organisation of sports events (popular races…)
  • Various sports competition leagues for adults (at local and regional levels).
  • Sporting tournaments during holiday periods.
  • Physical activities and sports for adults and the elderly people (aerobic, aqua gym, fitness…)
  • Recreational days.
  • Health programmes for all ages and for groups at risk.
  • Sporting activities in nature.
  1. Formation for teachers, monitors, coaches, judges and referees.
  2. Management of local and/or private sporting facilities.
  3. Management of different sporting services (lifeguards …).

 UCEC organizes sport activities for almost 250,000 children and young people from 3 to 18 years old in Catalonia, in 63 different sports or disciplines. This represents 20% of the pupils enrolled in primary and secondary schools in Catalonia. In addition, UCEC organizes training and sport for all activities for more than 10,000 adults in Catalonia.