16 February, 2017

European study

One of the SPIN project goals is to design a study that will allow to collect data and to strengthen a network of cooperation among the regions participating in the project, so that members and associations in each region may take advantage of the synergies and exchanges produced. This study should:

  • Describe in detail the current situation of sports among immigrants and citizens from diverse backgrounds of the regions participating in this project (Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Occitanie, Piemonte).
  • Help to understand the issues associated with the promotion of sport that are perceived as obstacles or incentives for the practice of sport among immigrants.
  • Help to understand the issues that people from diverse backgrounds (practicing or not sport) perceive as obstacles or incentives to sport practice.
  • Help to understand the mechanisms involved in the decision of people from diverse backgrounds on practicing – or not practicing – sport.
  • Propose specific actions to improve the shortcomings which have been identified.

You can read the conclusions of the SPIN seminar, written by Sílvia Montserrate, here. Besides, Lourdes Rubio, researcher at Universitat Rovira i Virgili (Tarragona), has written a paper entitled “Physical Exercice and Sport Among Immigrants: Building the Decision”, that you can download here.