16 January, 2017


SPIN -SPort for Inclusion- is a European project to promote social inclusion of immigrant populations through grassroots sports and sport for all in the regions participating in the project – Catalonia (ES), Balearic Islands (ES), Occitanie (FR), Piemonte (IT), as well as to support the mobility of volunteers, coaches, managers, and staff of regional organisations and non-profit sports associations.

The Euroregion Pyrenees-Mediterranean, which coordinates the project, has been giving support to events such as the Youth Sport and Cultural Meetings, organized every year since 2008 by French and Catalan sport organisations. SPIN can be a remarkable way of celebrating ten years of international exchanges, by associating the Balearic Islands to the study, and Piemonte, which faces similar challenges and is member of a comparable area of cooperation, the Euroregion Alps Mediterranean. The University of Tarragona (ES) will be in charge of carrying out a diagnosis of the situation, which will allow to identify specific necessities and guidelines for the promotion of sports practice for social inclusion.

The main actions of the SPIN project are a study on sport, immigration and social inclusion, covering all the regions participating in the project; the organisation of a Sports Meeting in Torino (IT) and a European Seminar in Barcelona (ES), aimed at developing the research and at spreading its results; as well as the creation of a digital platform with open access. The results of the project will be used after its lifetime, as all the working documents and reports will be published and made broadly available. SPIN will also demonstrate the potential of cooperation among the participating regions and will promote further joint activities. The cross-border sport meetings that have been organized these last years will be moments in which it will be possible to put in practice the guidelines developed through the present project.